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Teaching Assistant for: 

Ge 150 - Planetary Atmospheres

Ge 130 - Atmosphere Dynamics

at Caltech
WLF Program Lecturer

Designed and taught a 1 week intensive Calculus course (approx. 60h of instruction)

Conducted introductory Computer Science lectures and activities in python.

For more details, see Outreach.




WLF is a non-profit that I put together with the objective of promoting opportunities for women in STEM fields around the world. We offer free STEM-related classes and mentoring to girls in under-served communities. Through these courses we seek to not only provide a head start in what are often perceived to be difficult subjects, but also help the students realize their own potential.

In 2018, I designed a week-long course to teach Calculus to high school girls in Brazil. We also offered lectures on astronomy, planetary sciences and computer sciences, as well as outreach lectures about applying to college and graduate school.

Our 2019 program was in Curitiba, and we are planning to bring a version of this program to the US soon. 

For more information on the program, check out our website:

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